When the going gets tough


Caitlin Sapp, Physical Therapist at Crew Physical Therapy.

Nothing’s worse than finding yourself in a position where you need help and have nowhere to turn. I’m here to help cast a light on a sensible path for you. Injuries, lackluster performances, and pain are things I want to help you transcend so you can lead a healthy, active, and fulfilling life.

Athletic Accolades: 

8x Ironman Finisher
Kona Qualifier and Finisher
2015 F25-29 North American Ironman Championship
20+ Ironman 70.3 Triathlons
6x 70.3 World Championship Qualifier
3x USA Triathlon All American Athlete Ironman PR: 10:56:04
Ironman 70.3 PR: 4:42:37

Caitlin Sapp, PT, DPT, CIDN

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science, 8x Ironman Finisher (including Kona Finisher) Physical Therapist, Triathlon and Run Coach.

Chances are that you’ve been through some crazy experiences in life! I believe we’re all a product of our past…good and bad. This has helped shape my beliefs and drive to help athletes like you navigate difficult times and injury or as we say…”muddy waters.”

Growing up wasn’t always smooth sailing for me. Maybe you can relate. From being the victim of bullying and past-traumatic events, I’ve learned firsthand how the combination of various factors can lead to pain, injury, and hardship.

When the going got tough, I turned to sport and training as a refuge. Swimming, biking, and running always seemed to afford me inner peace, solace, and escape. Physical challenges, such as Ironman, were relative to my struggles and hardships.

When my health started to take a turn for the worse, I wasn’t sure where to turn. At this point in my life, I should’ve been firing on all cylinders. I went from being one of the top age-group Ironman athletes in the world to not being able to walk to my mailbox without feeling like I was gonna collapse. My world seemed to be caving in. I didn’t know where to turn or how to get myself out of this grave situation. I had to face the music and embrace the complexity of my ecosystem, which included stressors beyond the physical demands of training…work, family, friendships, sleep, fueling, etc. It wasn’t until I took an aerial view of my situation that I began to reclaim my grip.

As I reflect on my life up to this point, a lot of my hardships seem to parallel the challenges we often face as (endurance) athletes and individuals.

We all train to work through trying times. Look…I don’t see people when things are peachy. It’s not until pain and injury rear their head that folks reach out. When you work with me, it’s important that we truly connect to make sense of your thoughts and feelings.

These days it’s an honor and privilege to be in a position where I can troubleshoot with individuals going through difficult times. I want to create a safe space that allows us to have open and honest discussions while helping you gain clarity on your situation.

Dave Griswald.


I’m a girl Dad to the core, and my three amazing girls (Taylor, Leah, and Mackenzie) give me the greatest purpose. They go to Canfield Schools and we are constantly running from sport to sport (but it’s so much fun)! My wife, DeAnna, is a school-based physical therapist and is absolutely amazing! I am so lucky to share my journey with her!

Dave Griswold PhD, DPT

Certified in Orthopedic Manual Therapy, Certified Mulligan Practitioner, Certified in Integrative Dry Needling.

My Patient-Care Philosophy

My goal is to provide patients with the ultimate client experience., because the best physical therapist is the one who can adapt to the patient’s needs. I work with and for you to provide the knowledge and tools needed for an enhanced recovery. Movement limitations, dizziness, and headaches can make it difficult to function and enjoy life, so I incorporate a unique neuro-orthopedic framework that is adaptive to all patients and all conditions. Let’s work together to fix your problem!


I graduated from Youngstown State University in 2008 with my Doctorate of Physical Therapy. In 2017, I earned my Doctorate of Philosophy in Physical Therapy from Nova Southeastern University, and I’ve published several articles on manual therapy and dry needling. I also have three nationally recognized manual therapy certifications and am a national instructor for Integrative Dry Needling Seminars. I’ve taught over 100 courses across the US. My clinical specialization involves inner ear (vestibular) conditions, including benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), headaches, migraines, low back pain, and general orthopedics. I’ve taught at Youngstown State University in their physical therapy program since 2012.

Rachael McCall PT, DPT, CLT

Shortly after completing my doctorate in physical therapy, I recognized that there was a need for specialized care in our community, particularly in oncology and women’s health.

Rachael McCall PT, DPT, CLT

Certified Lymphedema Therapist, Oncology, and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist.

Pelvic health. Who wants to talk about that? I do! Anyone can develop pelvic floor dysfunction which can definitely get in the way of everyday life. Please don’t accept this as a “normal” part of aging–it’s not! I provide my patients–women and men–a safe and comfortable space to discuss symptoms that are related to their pelvic floor. These include but are not limited to: bowel and bladder incontinence, constipation, pain with intimacy, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, urinary frequency and urgency. I also treat patients who are postpartum—because pelvic floor rehab should be a postpartum standard of care!

To continue to meet this need for my patients, I became a certified lymphedema therapist (CLT). Lymphedema results in swelling or edema in arms or legs. My certification was an intensive specialized training to assess and treat my patients who have lymphedema.

Some patients with cancer develop lymphedema, but cancer treatments are very complex. They can contribute to worsening symptoms such as fatigue and pain or they can worsen a patient’s ability to function and thrive in their everyday life. Physical therapy can help alleviate symptoms and improve function and quality of life for patients with cancer. Once again, to meet the needs of patients in our community, I have trained with the Physiologic Oncology Rehab Institute to become more specialized in this area. The goal of my training in oncology is to improve the lives of patients across the cancer spectrum, whether they are newly diagnosed or are survivors.

Let me help you feel better and get back to doing what you want and love to do!

What Our Clients Say

Although the childbirth experience is mostly out of our control, Drs. Caitlin and Rachael both helped to prepare my body as best as I could going into labor. I was able to continue running up until a week and a half before birth and felt very prepared while pushing during delivery. They are now helping to guide me back to running postpartum and I am so glad to have their support! There is a shocking lack of information to support women postpartum but luckily they have the knowledge to help me achieve my future goals.

I started using Crew Physical therapy after I had a neck issue after the birth of my second son. I was really struggling with pain even after visiting a chiropractor, massage therapist, and even trying tens therapy. Dave was a miracle worker! After one session he diagnosed the exact issue and gave me techniques to do at home that improved my neck significantly.

After seeing Dave, I actually started using Cait for pelvic floor therapy and wow is that something I didn’t even know I needed. She gave me exercises and breathing techniques that really helped me feel more in control after my second c-section. My recovery this time has been like night and day better based on what I learned from Cait.

Both therapists clearly are dedicated to what they do, are passionate about helping their patients, and are honest, down to earth people. I am a “frequent flyer” now as you would say because when I want to get back to running or just life without pain they are my go-to place!

“Crew Physical Therapy is absolutely the best PT you could ask for with the athlete in mind! I ran a year and a half with an Achilles pain that always haunted me and gave me so much pain that i just ran through. I finally made the decision to seek a PT to fix my issue and I expected months upon months of rehab and slowing down my active life. That was wrong, within 2 weeks, my Achilles was fixed! Not only did Caitlin have me NOT stop running this time and fix my initial problem, she kept working me to fix other weak links that ultimately lead to my big Achilles issue. I will NOT go anywhere else for pain issues. And most of all, I am now not afraid to seek help for any athletic pain issues or even training questions! ”

What a wonderful “crew” at Crew Physical Therapy! I have seen them for multiple issues over the years, most recently knee and neck pain, and always leave impressed with both the care I receive at the clinic and the tools I am given to continue my therapy at home. Unlike previous clinics I have gone to, where the providers were juggling multiple patients at once and were limited by what insurance dictated, YOU are the focus while you are at Crew. The therapists really take the time and effort to get to know you as an individual, the issues you are having, and your end goal. Whether you want/need regular sessions or just want a one-time visit, you will get the same quality of care. Not only are they good clinicians, but they are also clearly passionate about what they do and are always reading and learning more. I LOVE that! We’ve all had those experiences where you just feel like a number or a name on a form and that your provider is just trying to make it to lunch or the end of the day or retirement. You certainly will not feel that way at Crew Physical Therapy. They are truly engaged in their work and in their patients, and that makes for a great patient experience and care for you. I highly recommend them!

“I had an accident while out on the roads running that caused a significant injury. I was hit by a car in a crosswalk and fractured my bone right at the knee joint, I also had ACL injury with this accident. I had surgery with plates & screws to repair the fracture and spent weeks in a brace with no movement and pressure on the leg. It was a long road back to my sport, but finally I made it. Through the guidance of Crew, I have made a full return to sport pain free. I have completed several Ironman triathlons with my metal reinforced knee and manage to be competitive in my age group. I still get maintenance sessions with Crew for the minor issues that pop up associated with endurance sports. Overall, the return to sport journey has been an incredible experience and I could not have done it without Crew. Take that, doctors who said I would not make it back!”

Eric Kennedy.

“After my 3rd calf strain, with the most recent two being in Nov of 2021 and Feb of 2022, I decided it was time to contact Caitlin at Crew Physical Therapy to see what could be done about this. Previously, I would stop running for some time, then ease back into as I could tolerate. After months of running and training, it gets frustrating to have to lose so much progress. So I met with Caitlin, she learned of my history, put me through a series of tests, and evaluated my situation. She also informed me that I would not necessarily have to stop running, which was music to my ears! I spent several weeks meeting with Caitlin, and going through a progression of strengthening exercises. We made great progress each week and I kept running (just backed off of speed work and hills). Not only did I come out of this not losing any ground with my running, but I actually ran a much faster half marathon and 5k time in back to back races recently, than I ran all of last year! For anyone that may be hesitant, you have a choice…. You can keep struggling, keep losing the progress you’ve worked so hard to gain, or get into Crew Physical Therapy to identify and fix the issue! You know what you need to do, SO what are you waiting for? Caitlin was a pleasure to work with. She understands the issues, is well researched, professional, knowledgeable, personable, and so fun to work with! I will trust Caitlin if/when the need arises. I am so grateful and absolutely cannot thank her enough!”

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