Remote consultation for busy lifestyles.

Understanding Online
Physical Therapy

If you find yourself in the position where you’re unable to seek therapy due to injury or other external factors, Online Telehealth Physical Therapy may be exactly what you need!

When in-person sessions aren’t a possibility, telehealth treatment provides an effective way to facilitate recovery. Don’t let distance or your busy lifestyle be the reason you don’t seek a professional for your specific injury.

Online therapy is a great fit if you find yourself in one of the following situations:

    • You are currently injured and unable to compete in a sport.
    • You have recently recovered from an injury and are unsure how to return to your normal lifestyle or training.
    • You have a persistent injury and are uncertain of what next steps to take.

Your Telehealth Physical Therapy Consultation

Your initial online injury consultation includes a 60 minute online physical therapy discussion with our doctor. This comprehensive assessment will provide a great deal of education and allow you to effectively manage your symptoms.

Telehealth PT Consultation Benefits

• Provides an understanding of your injury or health condition
• Identifies and give you tools to manage your symptoms
• Teaches corrective exercises
• Incorporates coaching to prevent further injury
• Identifies training errors and provides training modifications
• Delivers advice on how to return to sport appropriately and confidently

Prevent your injury from getting worse by speaking with our highly experienced physical therapists today!

Telehealth Physical Therapy


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